A word searching for a woman

27 Oct

A word searching for a woman

Laid on the back of the curtain

Waiting for the last drop to fill

The little ink less space of the line.

A woman searching for a word

To fill that somewhere lost,

Somewhat said, not understood,

Spacefull place across her page.

It is a far infra deep capsule

That holds his body

That sweats his life away

That melts his mistakes away

In the page she’s taken from him.

It is far far distant to map,

Through the lines of safekeeping oneself

The ink or spot or line or page,

Call it what you want,

Feel it as you wish,

Numb it as you can.

It’s all words lost in the mind

Of one, who tries to figure out

A way to dot all one’s i’s.

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Posted by on October 27, 2012 in Conserto de Alma, Perdidos


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